Bot Summit 2014

Bot Summit is an event where botmakers from around the world get together, both in person and online, to discuss the art and craft of making software bots. Bot Summit 2014 was held on November 8, 2014 in Boston, MA and via Google Hangout On Air.

Bot Summit was generously sponsored by Wordnik, whose fantastic language API powers many, many bots.

We recorded all of Bot Summit for your viewing pleasure, embedded below. (There is also video of Bot Summit 2013.)

Links to Individual Sessions

During the summit we had a chat channel for our roughly 80 remote viewers to discuss the talks. The full log of the chat is available here.

A lot of discussion also happened on the #botsummit Twitter hashtag, and it's worth looking there too.

Thanks to Eiríkr Åsheim for the log, and to Katie Rose Pipkin for the table of contents. Thanks again to all the speakers and attendees as well!

—Darius Kazemi