Bot Summit

by Darius Kazemi on November 25, 2013

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This past Saturday, Nov 23, I held a small event called Bot Summit where I invited a bunch of bot makers to speak about the creation of bots. The event took place in Boston and via Google Hangout on Air. We had participants from Boston, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, and Puerto Rico, among other locations.

I’ve made available both the entire four-hour-long video of Bot Summit, and the IRC chat logs from the event. The video itself is licensed CC-BY, so, uh, do with that what you will.

Since four hours is a lot to comb through, Leonardo Flores of I ♥ E-Poetry was kind enough to provide indices for the major discussions that I’ve linked to from here:

Darius Kazemi on Ethics of Bot-Making (2:15)

Ben Abraham on False Flag Bot (2:35)

Rob Dubbin on Ed Taters Bot (2:45)

Leonard Richardson on Real Human Praise Bot (2:49)

Discussion of Context & Joke Bots (2:56)

Discussion of Platforms for Bots (3:11)

What happens when platforms/APIs die? (3:45)

Live participants, both remote and in Boston, included (in alphabetical order):

Ben Abraham, Michael Dewberry, Rob Dubbin, Leonardo Flores, Tully Hansen, Darius Kazemi, Casey Kolderup, Joel McCoy, Joanne McNeil, Colin Mitchell, Nick Montfort, Allison Parrish, Leonard Richardson, Patrick Rodriguez, Matt Schneider

We had an additional dozen or so people participating via IRC and watching the live stream as well. Thanks to everyone who participated. If people post notes or materials from the event, I will continue to link to them from here.

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