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Led’s Get Shooting: Meggy-Inspired Shooter

by Darius Kazemi on January 12, 2010

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This is pretty neat! TIGSource just ended the Assemblee compo, a two-part challenge where people posted art/sound assets one month, and the second month people had to make games out of the posted assets. Forum member oryx posted some amazing 8×8 sprites:

I thought these were great, and then it occurred to me: 8×8 sprites? Those can be rendered on a Meggy Jr RGB! So I took out the Meggy, installed the drawing program, and drew some of Oryx’s sprites.

Well, it turns out that FrozenCow on the TIGSource forums made a game based off the rendering style of my camera-captured Meggy Jr, using some of Oryx’s sprites! It’s reminiscent of Petri Purho’s Post I.T. Shooter. It’s called Led’s Get Shooting!, and you can download it here (Windows).

So yeah. I didn’t end up making a game for Assemblee like I had planned, but someone else stepped in and did the next best thing. I love it when I indirectly provide inspiration for a game.

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