Everyday Shooter "Robot’ Player

by Darius Kazemi on June 2, 2008

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So I built an applet in Processing that lets you play some of the generative music from the first level of Everyday Shooter, “Robot.” The Everyday Shooter “Robot” Player (requires Java) exists mostly so that I can get the damn song from that level out of my head when I don’t have a computer with Everyday Shooter installed on it. I originally thought of just grabbing the song from the data files, but the main mp3 only contains the chord progression. Because much of the music is generated by the gameplay, it would be kind of ridiculous to just listen to the chords or to record myself playing the level once all the way through and listening to that particular playback.

Originally, I was going to write an applet that would trigger the sounds roughly when they might trigger during gameplay, so for example, some sounds, like picking up point markers, would tend to happen after you hear the chaining noises. But I ended up being too lazy to do that, and instead settled for my first prototype, which is a simple “press the button, play the sound” applet. Hope you enjoy it!

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Scott Jon Siegel June 12, 2008 at 11:34 pm

I am ridiculously happy that you put this together. A lack of a PS3 and PC mean I can’t play Everyday Shooter anytime soon (no matter how badly I want to), but at least I can “play” some of it.

Stupid Mac and its lack of awesome games.

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