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by Darius Kazemi on May 31, 2008

in Everyday Shooter

Ian and I had an email exchange where we were trying to come up with influences for the different levels in Everyday Shooter.

  1. Robot – clearly Every Extend. Your little dot isn’t doing the exploding, but the chaining works exactly the same.
  2. Root of the Heart – not entirely sure.
  3. Lush Look Killer – I’m thinking Sinistar. There’s a big scary thing in the middle of the screen that wakes up, and also little worker robots that build/feed the big scary thing. (You can play Sinistar in a Shockwave applet.)
  4. Porco in the Sky – Jon Mak has said it’s influenced by Porco Rosso. Which I suppose I could have guessed from the level’s name, assuming I’d ever heard of Porco Rosso.
  5. Build 88 – This is definitely based on Gate 88, one of Jon’s older games. (The game is awesome, by the way. I still play it sometimes.)
  6. Bits of Fury – Darren pointed out to me that this is a lot like one of those classic bullet hell shmups. In particular, you can do way better on this level if you focus on avoiding bullets moreso than attempting to set off chains.
  7. Earthworm – Ian says he thinks it’s Millipede “because of the red flowers which represent DDT, and the part near the end which is similar to the waves of bugs after you kill a certain number of millipedes.” And the whole breaking-up-the-worm thing.
  8. So Many Ways – I have yet to unlock this level, so, beats me!

Any influences we’re missing? Any ideas on Root of the Heart? Or perhaps gameplay influences for Porco in the Sky?

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Bradley Momberger June 1, 2008 at 3:38 pm

Root of the Heart reminds me of a couple things but only tangentially.

Blasto! was an old school B&W arcade game where you had a minefield and drove a tank around it trying to destroy all of the explosives. The explosives would explode in groups and chains, with larger clusters having greater coverage to chain-detonate nearby mines. Back in the day, we had the TI-99/4A port, which had color and Yankee Doodle playing in the background.

It’s also a bit like Moonbase Commander, which is a TBS and not a shooter, but you build your influence through a network of nodes, starting with one base. if you blow up an interior node, you also blow up every node which was launched from it.

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