Everyday Shooter Pt 2

by Darius Kazemi on May 26, 2008

in Everyday Shooter

Do not play Everyday Shooter drunk.

Or rather, definitely do play Everyday Shooter drunk. I tried new strategies that I never had before, and while I did not attain my goal of getting to level 8 (I only made it to level 6 when I normally get to 7), I learned a new strategy for maximizing points earned (if not minimizing lives lost) on “Porco in the Sky” (level 4).

It’s been two weeks and I still can’t get enough of this game. I think it helps that I only play it in 15-minute bursts–not unlike my music listening patterns.

Actually, the game is more like music than I thought before. I’ll get tired of a game quickly, but a song has infinite replay value. For some reason I feel like the levels in this game have the same replay value as a song.

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Ian Schreiber May 27, 2008 at 1:46 am

So… care to share your L4 strategy?

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