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by Darius Kazemi on July 10, 2006

in know_your_history

Here’s a simple way you can get to know your history. Patrick Curry made a quick quiz game that asks you to match the lead designer to the game in question. I batted a 776 average. What’s your score?

Play it here.


solipsistnation July 10, 2006 at 7:44 pm

Only 520. I just don’t know all the Japanese console guys…

Ian Schreiber July 10, 2006 at 7:53 pm

I’m bad. Only got 600. Shame on me.

And it’s not even a real 600, since it tended to ask the same questions multiple times.

Bradley Momberger July 10, 2006 at 8:07 pm

I got a .680 but I don’t feel that it’s a proper score, because some connections were repeated in the questions, and some I was able to answer by elimination.

Andrew Khosravian July 11, 2006 at 6:29 am

720, but it would probably be closer to 500 if I wasn’t using my ability to take multiple choice tests. I really don’t know that many japanese designers.

Darren Torpey July 14, 2006 at 4:48 am

I got 720, too, and actually I have the same comment as Brad.

Well, actually there were two things that helped a lot. The first is that a bunch of them were dead givaways by exclusion. But then again, that’s only because I know what country most of the games were made in and which companies many designers worked for (previous answers helped there, too).

The other thing was that, interestingly enough, I’d learned a bunch of the facts just recently, like about who designed Metroid. Then again, I got a bunch wrong where I’d just recently learned the right answer (I’m bad at trivia).

:: shrug ::

Oh, and I got this question twice:

Which of these games did Richard Garriott design:

a.) some game
b.) some game
c.) Ultima
d.) some game

Or actually, the first time it was “Who designed Ultima?”

a.) some designer
b.) Richard Garriott
c.) some designer
d.) some designer

I mean… come on. He was assassinated within his own game (sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel, take off)! How famous can you get?

David Ludwig July 21, 2006 at 2:54 pm

Interesting. The questions are definately chosen at random (try taking it a 2nd time), and I think the way questions are worded are randomized slightly as well. I kind of wish there weren’t any obvious repeats though. It was still fun though.

I got a .640 on my first try, btw.

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