Games, Burritos, and Fighting AIDS

by Darius Kazemi on May 5, 2006

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Because today is Cinco de Mayo, we had a free burrito lunch here at work, from Boca Grande Taqueria. Here’s a secret: game developers love burritos.

In a twist of fate and coincidence, I was asked yesterday by the purveyors of the fine Burrito Blog to help spread the word: one of their Burrito Analysts is riding a bicycle 585 miles from San Francisco to LA, as part of the AIDS/Lifecycle event June 4 through June 10. (I try to bike three to five miles a day, and I can barely manage it!) As the burrito dudes put it: they love burritos and they hate AIDS. Can’t argue with that platform, can ya? Check out this link to make a donation.

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