I Turn My Head For ONE Second…

by Darius Kazemi on May 4, 2006

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What a crazy day for game news.

Oblivion has been re-rated as Mature, because there is full nudity beneath the clothing that characters wear. Ridiculous. Whereas the re-rating of GTA:SA had a grain of reason at its core, this is just, uhm, ridiculous. It’s not like there’s a hidden sex game. Just anatomy. Which you have to modify the game code in order to see. I want to hear what the devs at Bethesda think about this.

There’s going to be a next-gen Shadowrun game announced at E3. I rather liked the SNES game, but I never played the Genesis one (which is actually a completely different game). And of course I’m a fan of the pencil-and-paper RPG. I played a poet, who was functionally useless until he became a rigger.

EA lost the James Bond license to Activision. Did EA want this to happen? I have a hard time believing they’d let it happen. Although maybe they did something to piss off MGM. The big movie studios are in fact big enough to bully around Electronic Arts.


Craig Perko May 4, 2006 at 4:47 am

Are you sure the SNES and Sega Shadowruns are different? I’ve played both, and I don’t remember them being different…

As to the ESRB, well, my opinions on them are strong and have been stated dozens of times. :)

Bradley Momberger May 4, 2006 at 7:50 pm

They are different. They were developed by different companies at different times, and according to their respective Wikipedia articles, the Sega Genesis game was more open-ended. In fact, there was also a Sega CD game, from yet another developer, that was released in Japan only.

Bill May 16, 2006 at 3:13 pm

Darius, I think the ESRB might be on to something., I was walking down the street when a police officer gave me a ticket for indecent exposure. Apparently under my clothes I’m completely naked. Who knew?

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