A Strange Phone Call

by Darius Kazemi on May 7, 2005

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So I finally bought Psychonauts, which I was looking forward to very much. The short: I really really like it! I’ll write more about it later.

However, I had pre-ordered this game from GameStop. On Wednesday night, I got a voicemail. I listened to it–it was from an unknown number. When the message came on, there was a sexed-up woman’s voice.

Hi, I’m Iris, and I’m just calling to tell you that…

I thought I had been left a message by a phone sex company, until I heard the next part.

…your pre-ordered game is available at GameStop on [blahblah] street.

Uh. Yeah. How weird. It made me feel… dirty. For more on this phenomenon, you should see Robin’s various neat ruminations.

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