Random Friday

Limited edition shipments of Random Shopper. For the holidays.

29 Nov, 2013

It’s Black Friday, the sale that heralds the holiday season. Perhaps you’re eyeing some designer clothing, a fancy new videogame console, or a stand mixer for your kitchen.
But maybe it doesn’t matter what you buy. Maybe it’s the act of buying that’s what’s important.
Random Shopper was a project I ran a year ago. I wrote a computer program that spent $50 each month buying and sending me random books, CDs, and DVDs from Amazon. I sure did get a lot of random stuff.
Now you too can play Russian roulette with your consumerist instincts.

Buy a Print

I am offering 50 limited edition “prints” of the Random Shopper project. Each print costs $400. I will run the Random Shopper algorithm with an address of your choice instead of my own, and a single purchase of random stuff will be sent to that address.
It’s the perfect gift for that certain someone in your life who, when asked what they want for the holidays, responded, “A trenchant critique of consumer culture.”
You’ll get:
This is a limited time offer, available between now and Jan 1, 2014. Happy holidays.

—Darius Kazemi