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Register a Mastodon App

by Darius Kazemi, Apr 4, 2017

Important update: Mastodon now provides a UI for all of this. Just go to your settings and under the "developer" menu there is a place to create a new app and get your credentials all in one go. I am leaving this up here for people on old versions of Mastodon.

Hi! Unlike Twitter, Mastodon doesn't provide a simple UI for registering applications. So I made one. This assumes you have curl installed locally. You don't need to know how to USE curl but you should have it installed so you can run the very last step of the process.

This will work for any of the various Mastodon instances out there.

Step 1: Get client id/secret

Fill out the form below with your info, MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN AS THE BOT, and then this will step you through the process of getting an access token. Keep the access token in a safe place (treat it like a password) and use a nice API client to post as the bot!

 mastodon.social, mastodon.xyz, botsin.space, etc

 what appears in "posted by" field on the toot

  more info here

 optionally link here from the "posted by" field

Your Client Data:

(submit the above first)

Step 2: Get the temporary oauth verification code