[[Go to be early to volunteer at pet shelter.|good2]]\n[[Write expose on local ground water toxicity.|good2]]\n
We deserve every bullet we make.\n\nYOU GOT THE GOOD ENDING.
[[I just want a fucking scrap here just throw me a god damn bone. What’s it going to take to live out my days in this bloody, filthy machine.|bad4]]\n[[Don’t I already feel like I'm staring down the barrel of every gun and shooting every face that flickers by on the television?|bad4]]\n
[[Every day I exist contributes to this filthy, rotting system.|bad3]]\n[[But even if I was dead it wouldn’t stop.|bad3]]\n
[[I don't need to play a video game to feel like I'm trapped in a series of choices that don't even matter.|bad2]]\n[[Just buying that game makes me complicit in the capitalist circlejerk that contributes nothing to living human beings but pumping them up with endorphins and lining their pockets.|bad2]]\n
[[Epic shooter GOTY 7/10 a bit short tho.|good1]]\n[[Mediocre, plotless bland shooter 6/10.|good1]]\n
You're in the army now, soldier, and war is hell. In order to survive, you must kill.\n\n[[cool|cool]]\n[[NO SHIT IT'S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME, TIME TO PRESS X TO FUCK SHIT UP|cool]]\n
[[I'm done, time to buy groceries anyway.|bad1]]\n[[Stay at home and don’t think about what you’ve done.|bad1]]\n
VIDEO GAME MORALITY PLAY\n\nby Andrew Vanden Bossche
You monster…you enjoy killing. \n\n[[Not in real life...]]\n[[FUCK YEAH OBVIOUSLY]]\n
You must SHOOT the innocents to continue.\n\n[[Sure whatever|lol okay]]\n[[lol okay]]\n