Stuff you'll want to review/download before the THATCamp Games HTML5 workshop on Friday

Make sure you have a laptop you can develop on! I mean, you're welcome to just watch me, but it's better to actually follow along. Win/OSX/Linux are all fine.

Make sure said laptop has Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Firefox, you should have the Firebug extension installed. I'll be teaching using Chrome, so I highly recommend you have that installed instead of Firefox.

I also recommend one of the following text editors for Mac: TextMate, MacVim, Coda; for Windows: E TextEditor, Notepad++, UltraEdit. All that aside, the most important thing is that you use a text editor you're comfortable with.

Download Akihabara and unzip it to a folder anywhere you please

Open the file "game-capman.html" in your browser to test. When it says "press A to start", press Z to start. This is stupid. I'm sorry.

Looking forward to meeting you!