Wordnik & Bot Summit Hackathon

(make another)

What is this?

Well, Wordnik was generous enough to sponsor Bot Summit 2014 and Darius thought it would be neat to do a hackathon the weekend of Bot Summit where folks use Wordnik's amazing API to build weird internet stuff.

When is this?

It runs from Friday Nov 7 to Sat Nov 8, and on Sun Nov 9 we'll pull together a gallery showcasing all the stuff that got made over the weekend.

What are the rules?

To participate, open an issue on our Github repository. This issue will act as your declaration of intent, and is where you can continually update your progress on your work if you like.

As for rules: make something with Wordnik on Nov 7-8. Make it interesting, weird, wonderful, mundane, whatever. Enjoy yourself. That's about it!

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