HopperQuest Fan Page

At the 2004 Game Developers Conference I attended, among other events, the Experimental Gameplay Workshop. At this workshop (more like a lecture), one of the things they present every year is the result of the Indie Game Jam.

The IGJ is an event where Chris Hecker (a well-known game programmer who used to write a lot of great articles for Game Developer Magazine) gets together a group of about 20 other game programmers and gameplay researchers. They are all given a technology and are locked in a room (with Hecker) for 4 days with the ultimatum of creating a lot of small games using that technology.

The IGJ2 technology was a 2D physics engine that one of the game jammers had written during last year’s IGJ. There were about 15 games that came out of the event this year, but one of them stopped me cold when I saw it at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop. It is a tiny not-even-a-game called HopperQuest.

And I made a HopperQuest fanpage, so you can learn about it there.

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