b1nary her0

I made a prototype of a project with Craig Perko called b1nary her0. It’s a rhythm game played with the Guitar Hero controller, but the fret buttons correspond to bits of a 5-bit binary number. You’re shown hex digits, and you have to “play” the corresponding binary to the beat.

The above is a screenshot of an early prototype. It’s just feeble programmer art. Try not to barf.

That’s pretty much the whole game. Need to hit a 1 on the beat? Hit the high fret and strum. See a 2? Slide one fret lower and strum. Uh oh, 3 coming your way? Hold down those two frets and strum.

Some key features we’ve implemented:

  • play with a Guitar Hero controller
  • easy to make new levels and compose new songs (text editor and some WAV files are all you need)
  • built-in super-crappy “synthesizer” (feed it WAV files and it will sequence and transpose them)

Some key features didn’t get around to implementing:

  • terrible ’80s hacker movie story. “Dude, you need to thrash on the guitar of hacking in order to defeat the encryption on the mainframe! Totally rad!!!!”
  • songs that are good. All the songs so far as the test ones that I wrote. Kevin’s need to be integrated.
  • vertical guitar powerup. I’m thinking when you play the guitar vertically, we’ll show you the actual binary instead of the hex values, but we’ll also increase the tempo of the song by some 10% or whatnot.
  • bitwise logic mode. As if the game weren’t already hard enough, there will be a mode where instead of a falling “A” you’ll see “A & 5″ and have to strum “0″. (Thanks for reminding me, Dave.)

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