ALES, an HTML5 platformer/editor

ALES Screenshot

I haven’t been posting here recently because I’ve been working hard on a side project with Darren Torpey: ALES, an HTML5 level editor & sharer.

If you’re running Firefox or Chrome (and probably Safari/Opera) you can try out the editor, or give some sample levelsshot.

Some tips:

  • The block types include: two solid ground tiles, one push block (in black), one exploding block marked with (!), one block that disappears in a few seconds when it is stood on (the clay-looking one).
  • The blue enemy is like a standard goomba. Enemies can trigger the disappearing block.
  • The red enemy explodes after a few moments when you stomp it, taking out all the surrounding tiles.
  • The (!) block will explode when something explodes next to it — you can chain lots of those blocks to get interesting effects. You can start a chain with a red enemy.
  • Pushblocks can kill enemies and trigger disappearing blocks.
  • Adding star tiles to your map will add a win state when the player collects all the stars.

If you find any bugs, please either comment here or report them on our Issues page. And if you have general feedback, I’d love to hear it. This project is in continual development.

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