A Scurvy of Wonders

Rob Dubbin, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi

Release 1

A work of interactive fiction, created for the PAX Speed-IF compo at the IF Hospitality Suite on March 11, 2011.

A Scurvy of Wonders was created with Inform and has IFID 6174596A-4A06-441A-9C80-B1123B16AD4D. You can play in your browser using the Parchment interpreter. You'll need to have Javascript enabled to do so. You can also download and run the ZBLORB file in a native interpreter if that's your cup of tea.

Many thanks to testers Jason McIntosh, Adam Parrish, Jonathon Myers, and Stephen Granade -- without them the game would suck. And a hearty shout-out to Andrew Plotkin and Emily Short for helping with Inform 7 syntax -- without them the game would not be finished.