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Hi. I'm Darius Kazemi. I built this thing, DropN, as a programmatic exploration of Drop7. I play Drop7 every day. I've been playing it since it was an ARG for a mediocre TV drama. Anyway, I've always wondered: why 7?

I was going to write a long-winded essay, but instead opted for a bit of carpentry. This program lets you change two key numbers in Drop7: the 7 itself, so central to the game, and the number of turns between block advancement.

My hope is that, by playing with these parameters, you'll get a better sense of why 7 and not 6, or 5.

TECHNICAL NOTE: I was originally going to write my own version of Drop7 in JavaScript to test this idea. But thankfully, Tony Chang had already written it. All I had to do was modify the code a little, and expose some parameters. Thanks Tony!