A "Don't Cry" Toy

by Darius Kazemi

This is an expanded version of a little toy I made for my an interactive essay I wrote on the topic of J. Dilla's "Don't Cry". Read that if you like. Almost certainly only works in Chrome/Safari (mobile or desktop).

Each button below plays a half-second sample from "I Can't Stand (To See You Cry)" by The Escorts (1974), itself a cover of The Whatnauts' "I Can't Stand to See You Cry" (1973). The Escorts cover is the main (I believe only) sample source in Dilla's "Don't Cry".




The two buttons below will play a randomized beat. The first one plays only certain samples on the ones, certain samples on the twos, and certain samples in between. (A few of the ones will play on the halves, too.) The second one goes completely random.

add kick/snare

RIP J. Dilla / Jay Dee