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News, Updates

New! (2/19/07) Nightshifted has been posted!

(2/5/07) Somebody tinkered with the source code for shift and created a slight update with a Mac OSX executable.

(2/1/07) There have been two recaps of the jam posted, one by Duncan Watt, and the other by Dan Roy.

(1/29/07) Pictures of the Jam are up up on Flickr.


For the weekend of January 20/21, a bunch of professional game developers from around the Boston area got together at the MIT Education Arcade lab and created games based on the theme of "shift." The event was dubbed the Boston Game Jam, after the famed Indie Game Jam of much awesomeness.

We had about 15 developers total, including a floating sound designer and a floating artist who contributed assets to our games. In 36 hours, we managed to complete eight games, which was far better than we could have hoped. (We also consumed a lot of coffee, pizza, and burritos.)

Right now only some of our games are downloadable, but we'll have the rest of the games online by Jan 27, and after that we'll put up some goodies like developer diaries and other such stuff.

For now, click on "games" below to check out what we made!

(And in case you don't have Flash installed and would like to see the games, go here. If you'd like to know more about who made the games, go here.)

Space and resources for this event were provided by MIT
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