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by Darius Kazemi on April 12, 2010

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My friends Corvus Elrod and Charles Berube are working on an AI-driven virtual pet / resource management game called Addicube.  In their words:

You start with a single cube and encourage it to eat the red, green, and blue algae that grows in the dish. You cannot control the cubes–or the algae–directly, but have a small electrical summoning wand with which you can charge the agar, drawing the cube from spot to spot around the dish. As your cube eats, it undergoes growth spurts and before long, it undergoes cellular division, splitting into two small cubes.

You need to manage your cubes’ diet effectively or they become more difficult to control.

They are seeking funding via Kickstarter. Right now they’re at 73% funding and need to raise about $1,000 within the next 12 days.

Why You Should Fund This Game

  • Corvus and Charles are great developers. Charles has made so many great games it boggles my mind. My favorite is QuestLine, a game that tells a whole RPG story using just interactive iconography. His best-known game is probably Father O’Malley 3, an action game where you’re a priest who fights zombies. Corvus is a stalwart of the indie game scene and his Honeycomb Engine may very well reinvent the role playing game as we know it! I’m convinced they’re going to make a great game.
  • No money down! The way Kickstarter works is that you pledge a certain amount of money which is only charged to your account once the fundraising phase is over and then only if the team reached 100% or more of their funding goal. So you don’t pay a dime unless enough other people also support the project.

Fund Addicube now!

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