Comments on: Spelunky Wed, 10 Sep 2014 18:53:13 +0000 hourly 1 By: Caleb Wed, 28 Jan 2009 02:51:00 +0000 Spelunky is my mistress. I’ve been playing it for hours and hours and hours.

I’ve finally gotten the level 5 and 9 shortcuts open. I’m nowhere near getting 13 open.

I keep telling my friend how awesome and deep (hrhr) the game is, but he refuses to play. He whinges about the controls every time I bring it up.

Anyway, just letting you know that you’re not alone in your love of this game.


By: Darius Kazemi Fri, 23 Jan 2009 17:01:00 +0000 I’m not on Steam anymore because I decided not to run it by default in the background on my machine…

By: Anonymous Fri, 23 Jan 2009 16:58:00 +0000 Spelunky has been sitting on my desktop unplayed all week while I’ve been totally glued to King’s Bounty: The Legend. I’m still looking forward to it.

How come you aren’t on Steam anymore?


By: Michel Thu, 22 Jan 2009 17:02:00 +0000 Actually version 1.0 hasn’t been released yet. The latest beta version introduced a few new bugs, and saved stats probably won’t carry over to 1.0, so it might be worth waiting a week or two before jumping into this for the first time.

He’s eventually going to release the source, but I think it should also be submitted to the 2010 IGF. And ported to XBLA.