Ensemble Gets Its Bucket Kicked

by Darius Kazemi on September 10, 2008

in industry

Wow. Ensemble is going to be dissolved after Halo Wars is completed.┬áThat’s a whole lot of history right there, and there are tons of Boston devs who were either founders of that company or at least spent a lot of time at there.

I’m pretty sure that Microsoft’s long-term strategy is to get rid of their game studios. Not that I have much to back that up with, but my intuition tells me that’s the case.
I’m optimistic for the Ensemble devs, though. There is a lot of amazing talent at that studio, I’m sure that (a) they’ll all land sweet jobs and (b) they’ll be doing things somewhat more interesting than Halo Wars.
Uh, if any of you guys want to come to Boston, just let me know.
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