Figured It Out!!

by Darius Kazemi on August 27, 2008

in memories

The game I was thinking of is called Time Gate: Knight’s Chase. Seems like I was right about time travel and a suit of armor (i.e., the knight). I was also right about the old-school Infogrames logo. And I correctly remembered the museum with the security lasers (although they’re not tripwires)!

How did I figure it out on my own? MobyGames will list every game in a given genre, so I went to their list of all survival horror games, and sorted by year to check for mid-90s titles, particularly those published by Infogrames.

I actually got lucky: Time Gate itself is not listed as survival horror on MobyGames, but it was bundled in a pack that was listed as such.

Man, this game has almost no internet presence whatsoever. You search for it by name and you get its MobyGames page… and a bunch of torrents to download it. That’s all. Oh, and there’s a guess-the-obscure-PC-game thread on some forum. It’s really weird considering this was the spiritual sequel to the Alone in the Dark series.

(EDIT: I did find a brief review of the game (sorry, you have to browse down to the entry for the game as they don’t support direct links to their articles!!), and on Wikipedia it’s misspelled “timegate”.)

(DOUBLE EDIT: yeah, I fixed the Wikipedia problem, it now redirects to an article with the correct title.)

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