by Darius Kazemi on August 15, 2008


Oh, and a small historical anecdote: Kevin, who I referred to in my last post, started with me when we were in high school. It was something I did for fun, and a love of games… at the time I had no intention of being a game developer. Little did I know that five years later I’d be putting it on my resume when applying to game jobs.

If you are nostalgic for old DOS shareware games, do check it out. Most of the games won’t run natively in a modern OS; DOSBox is currently the premier DOS emulator and will help you run many of the games we have for download. Some of my favorite games include Scorched Earth and Solar Winds (I am coincidentally wearing a T-shirt right now with my favorite scene from that game).

Also, if you refresh any of the pages on the site, you get a randomized message from a quote file that Kevin and I put together. It’s full of obscure video game references (“333“), somewhat obscure theater/film references (“cadillac, steak knives, you’re fired“), rather obscure references to Tom the Dancing Bug (“sometimes I wonder…“), and absolutely obscure references to inside jokes (“Karl Marx, you are a very handsome man”). Also there are Simpsons references.

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