Speaking at Game Career Seminar, Austin TX, 9/16 -Past-

by Darius Kazemi on July 16, 2008

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I’ll be giving a talk as part of the Game Career Seminar at Austin GDC, called “It’s Who You Get to Know.” The title is based off of a quote from Chris Matthews that I first encountered in his book Hardball (which I highly recommend). He also mentions it in this commencement speech he gave at Holy Cross.

The talk will be largely about meeting people so that you can set yourself up for future success. The main Game Career Seminar will be held on September 17, but I believe my talk is part of an opening reception the evening of September 16. If it turns out I’m wrong about that, I’ll be sure to correct it here.

What is especially funny is that one of my fellow speakers at the Seminar is Ed Roman. I was introduced to Ed at my first GDC, in 2003. I remembered him precisely because when he found out that I lived in Worcester at the time, he told me that he won a video game competition at the Worcester Centrum back in the ’80s. Using this mnemonic, I managed to remember a whole bunch of other facts about him, even though we’ve only ever spoken one other time since then. (In fact, the second time I saw him, in 2005, he was very impressed that I remembered his video game victory.)

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