by Darius Kazemi on June 11, 2008

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I finally got around to trying out my free trial to City of Heroes. Turns out, I like the game, which is weird because I’ve tried three MMOs (and worked on two!) but never really enjoyed them all that much.

I am mostly playing the game as a way to connect with friends who live far away. And it was a great experience in that vein, basically an excuse to have a three hour conversation with someone I never get to see while doing some mildly interesting game-related tasks. Also, the fact that it’s not fantasy (I hate generic fantasy) helps a lot.

So far the game has been the ultimate in casual gaming for me. I didn’t have to pay too much attention to what was going on and was able to sustain a conversation while playing. That’s casual if you ask me. (Granted, I was playing on a pretty easy difficulty.)

Anyway, I think I’ll be upgrading the trial for at least another month of play to see how often I actually get around to playing.

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