by Darius Kazemi on April 30, 2008

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So tonight I go over to Darren‘s house to play GTA IV for the first time. As such, I was thinking a little bit about my past experiences with the GTA series, and one thing stood out.

I used to hate motorcyclists. Not personally, but when I was in my car and I’d see someone on a motorcycle, I would grumble. “Grr, what the hell, fucking biker,” etc etc. Even if they weren’t doing anything wrong, they’d just piss me off for no discernible reason.

Then I played GTA: San Andreas. I never played Vice City so it was my introduction to motorcycles in the GTA series. And let me tell you: it was a revelation. Motorcycles became my favorite way to get around, period. I must have played 60% of that game riding a motorcycle through all the different locales.

And around the time I was playing this, my attitude toward motorcyclists changed. Now when I see folks on motorcycles, I thinking, “Oh wow, that’s probably a ton of fun.” I have no desire to ride one myself, but I feel like I now understand where they’re coming from.

So there you go. Grand Theft Auto: promoting peace, love, and understanding.

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