Excellent Gaming Shirts for the Holidays

by Darius Kazemi on December 10, 2007

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So I just got back from a day at Boston’s Bazaar Bizarre. I was helping my girlfriend at her booth, but I did a bunch of shopping, too. In particular, I found a vendor there called Huzzah Goods who was selling a bunch of awesome T-shirts, mostly video game themed. I ended up purchasing two shirts from him: the Beatles/Pac-Man crossover Blinky Road (he spells it with an ‘e’, but it’s clearly e-less), and The Garden, the only T-shirt to ever remind me of Chaim Gingold’s wonderful game Orange Tree.

This is excellent, because I’m usually really embarrassed to wear video game shirts. Because most of them suck. These, however, are well-designed and they make me happy to look at. Not unlike a good Miyamoto game.

Here’s me rocking Blink[e]y Road.

So I urge you to support a great Boston-area artist! Buy his goods for your loved ones this holiday season! He’ll ship just about anywhere, it seems.

P.S. To those of you who would say, “But Darius, that shirt isn’t orange!” I say unto you: yes, but I can wear an orange zippy shirt over it, unzipped, and thus have my cake and eat it too.


Gillian December 11, 2007 at 10:10 pm

When you say “orange zippy shirt,” what you mean is “orange jacket,” right?

Darius Kazemi December 11, 2007 at 10:14 pm

Can a jacket be made out of cloth, and protect against neither the wind nor the rain?

That sounds almost like I just asked a rhetorical question. I just looked up the definition of a jacket and, yes, that’s what I mean. For the record, this is a picture of me in my orange zippy shirt–er, jacket.

Courtney Keene December 16, 2007 at 11:11 pm

The cake is a lie.

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