Turn-Based BioShock

by Darius Kazemi on October 6, 2007

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I have a confession. I haven’t gotten very far in BioShock yet. This is because, as Craig has pointed out to me, I’ve been playing BioShock as a turn-based game. I literally pick up the Xbox controller, play through one, maybe two encounters (i.e., get past a trap, kill a splicer, hack something) and then I turn off the Xbox. Obviously such a play style kills any sense of immersion. And I’ve been progressing *very* slowly, I play about a turn a week, so I’m only at Neptune’s Bounty right now.

Now, part of the reason is that I only have access to the Xbox when I’m at work. Which means I only play in half-hour bursts. This is part of the reason that Skate is a great game for me, because it’s designed as a series of two or five or ten minute missions plus a lot of fun freestyle play. Meanwhile, I feel like I’m not doing justice to BioShock this way. I think I may actually put the game down and just take a crack at it some time when I can devote a three hour chunk to playing it.

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