by Darius Kazemi on October 4, 2007

in skate

I’ve been playing EA’s skate recently. I’m actually enjoying it way more than the Tony Hawk series of games. I just uploaded some footage of me (1) getting hit by a car, (2) landing a sick gap, and (3) running into a wall face-first. And to answer the questions before they’re asked: yes, I’m not wearing an orange shirt in that video. I haven’t unlocked any orange shirts in the game yet!

I only wish there were a way to embed the videos in HTML! It sucks that I have to send you over to EA’s website to see my videos. All part of an idiotic content funneling strategy, no doubt. If I do figure out a hack for it, I’ll post it here.

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Andrew Khosravian October 7, 2007 at 5:37 pm


You can grab a FLV downloader (for example, then take a gander at the HTML souce of the page on skate.reel and look for this bit:


At this point you should either be able to convert it back to mpeg or avi or whatever you would like using various online tools, or upload it to youtube.

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