Speaking at Austin GDC, Sep 6 & 7 -Past-

by Darius Kazemi on August 25, 2007

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I’ll be giving two talks at Austin GDC. One is part of the main conference on Thursday at 1:30pm, and it’s called Gameplay Metrics For a Better Tomorrow. You can read the description at the link, but it’s about MMO metrics and how they touch not just on design, but also on customer service, quality assurance, network operations, and other aspects of MMO development and maintenance.

The other talk is going to be the latest version of my networking talk, which I’m giving as part of the Game Career Seminar. While I’ve given a bunch of networking talks in the last two years, I try to change my talks up every six months or so. This one will be updated, although to be honest I’m not 100% sure exactly how it’s going to be focused. Come and find out!

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