The Escapist Redesign

by Darius Kazemi on July 11, 2007

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So, I really like The Escapist. I just had my first article for them published a few weeks ago. And I’m really glad that they just turned two years old. It’s a fantastic magazine, and a credit to this industry.

They just did a total redesign of their site. Now, I didn’t really like the old design. Not readable enough. They really did need a redesign.

But they managed to make it even less readable. I go to their front page now and all I see is a shitload of boxes, two big advertisements, a box full of pictures in the upper left which I guess represents the articles in the current issue.

They’re clearly trying to push their daily content more. But to be honest, I come for the feature articles, which are usually written by game developers or respected game writers. I get my daily industry scuttlebutt infodump from any number of other better practiced sites.

People need to understand that focus is good. And it looks like The Escapist is losing its focus!

Granted, what I’m going to do now is subscribe to their feature article RSS feed and ignore everything else.

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