A Story of Greg LoPiccolo

by Darius Kazemi on June 20, 2007

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GameCareerGuide.com has an article up detailing the early careers of several game developers, including Boston’s own Greg LoPiccolo, of Harmonix. Greg was actually the first Boston-area developer I ever met, introduced to me by Robin Hunicke at GDC 2003. Anyway, Greg’s path into the game industry is an interesting one, as he was the bassist for the much-loved Boston band Tribe before he started doing audio work for Looking Glass. He eventually moved into project management and went to Harmonix around the time Looking Glass dissolved. Read the full story here.

As a side note, a few other members of Tribe entered the game industry along with Greg: Eric Brosius and Terri Brosius, the latter of whom you might know as the voice of SHODAN.

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Patrick June 21, 2007 at 2:17 am

“SHODAN” is probably the best word you can end a blog post with.

Good to know rich history, better to be a part of one. ;)

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