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by Darius Kazemi on January 10, 2007

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Hey Boston folks: this month’s Boston Postmortem is happening tonight. Ben Sawyer will be giving a preview of his GDC talk. Here’s the synopsis:

Often innovation in the games industry stems from ideas that are developed or fueled by gamers themselves. By observing all that gamers do and organizing it into a taxonomy we can create a means for finding new ideas and innovation in games from gamers themselves. Ben has assembled a knowledge-base of interesting (and often unintended) behaviors, outputs, and cultural developments related to games themselves. While some time will be spent on aspects beyond play many may be familiar with including modding, clans, machinima, and cos-play the talk will also focus on areas of activity that developers may not be as familiar with including in-game photography guilds, humor, in-game protests, and more.

Sounds interesting to me–from what I’m hearing, it seems like there will be a lot people attending tonight (my estimate is 70 people). And I’ll be there. Come on out and have a beer with me.

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