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by Darius Kazemi on January 17, 2007

in boston

According to Gamasutra, it looks like Guitar Hero development has been moved over to Neversoft. Or, as Darren pointed out to me, at least some GH development has been moved.

Activision owns Red Octane as well as Neversoft. I don’t know the details of Harmonix’s agreement with their publisher (especially since the publishing deal was originally with Red Octane), but usually it’s the publisher that ends up owning the IP.

Hopefully what’s happening is they’re offloading the boring just-add-more-songs-and-a-new-mode sequels to other developers and letting Harmonix handle either new games or another GH game that’s truly innovative (utilizing next-gen processing for awesome DSP). If this is true, then I’m happy for the folks at Harmonix.

Update 1/23/07: Looks like my suspicions were correct.

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