Curriculum Workshop @ GDC, March 10/11 -Past-

by Darius Kazemi on November 2, 2006

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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be helping run the two-day Academic Workshop at GDC 2007. This is particularly awesome for me, because the Academic Workshop in 2003 was the very first GDC event I ever attended, and it’s where I first met some amazing people including Ben Sawyer, Robin Hunicke, Greg LoPiccolo, Ernest Adams, and of course Jeff Ward.

Being a student at the time, it was also a great place to become acclimated to GDC–sure, I was star-struck by all the developers there, but 50% of the workshop attendees were professors or fellow students, so those two days were kind of a halfway point to the full-on assault of the first real day of GDC. (Being surrounded that third night by 800 drunken game developers with Microsoft buying drinks was a formative experience in my life.)

So I’m very much looking forward to helping make this year’s workshop super-awesome. And Darren will also be helping, so I think we’re gonna make it work.


Anonymous November 2, 2006 at 6:28 pm

Unfortunately I’ll be spending most of my time those two days at the Interactive Storytelling and BizDev boot camps, but I’ll try to swing by when I can. Its good to get that red ribbon, isn’t it?

Tom November 8, 2006 at 8:48 pm

Man, that’s terrific! Congratulations! I hadn’t thought of attending any of the pre-GDC festivities (as I refer to the anything prior to Wednesday), but now I am a bit intrigued. Hopefully I can get a press pass and go, because I’m not sure I will be able to fork over the cash, even with my Google salary.

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