Help Robert Anton Wilson

by Darius Kazemi on October 3, 2006

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I try to keep a laser focus on gaming here, but screw that.

Robert Anton Wilson is sick and dying. And he’s broke and can’t afford medical care. He’s asking for donations, and you can get details on his website.

Wilson had a profound effect on me. I would be a completely different (probably worse) person from who I am today if I hadn’t read The Illuminatus! Trilogy at the age of 12. Before I properly hit puberty, I learned about reality tunnels, general semantics, Theosophy, Bucky Fuller, and lots of other stuff. I learned to be open-minded, for real, not the fake open-mindedness we’re taught by society.

Here are some of my favorite articles of his:

Information Doubling
E-Prime (general semantics)
3 great articles from Cosmic Trigger III

Donate and help him out! Or don’t. It’s a free universe.

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