Breaking In!

by Darius Kazemi on September 5, 2006

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So I’ve decided I’m going to start writing a companion series of articles to my networking ones. These will be on the topic of breaking in to the game industry.

There’s already a ton of really good advice out there on this kind of thing. Tom Sloper’s website is probably my favorite, but Ernest Adams wrote a book on the topic, and so did Marc Mencher. Plus there’s the IGDA Breaking In site, and the IGDA Breaking In forums (which I frequent). And there’s a ton of other resources, which are actually compiled in one place at Breaking In FAQ on the IGDA forums, which Jeff Ward so kindly put together.

Since there’s already so much great stuff available, the breaking in articles that I’m going to write will be far more sporadic than my networking articles. They might be companion pieces to networking articles that just don’t fit into the category of networking, or they might be random articles that I want to write that happen to be about breaking in. Unlike the networking articles, I have no plan for something in particular that I’d like to teach.

So the breaking in articles will be way more organic than the networking series, and will probably suck more. I’ll be posting the first article soonish.

(Also, this doesn’t mean I’m done with networking stuff. Those articles will keep coming, probably as long as this blog exists.)

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