Don’t You Talk Smack About My Baby

by Darius Kazemi on February 14, 2006

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Someone told me about this, but it never quite hit home until I experienced it myself:

Seeing people bad-mouth your game on Internet forums hurts a lot.

Yes, I work at a big company and it’s probably only .001% my game. Yes, it’s the Internet, and the Internet is full of morons. Yes, this on a forum and not a major review site or magazine, both of which matter infinitely more than one stupid forum post.

As much as I would like to, I simply cannot jump in to the dialogue and say, “HEY! I work on that game, and here’s 20 reasons why you’re wrong!” It is simply not professional, and is a good way to get your ass fired (“Employee Starts Internet Shitstorm” is not something your boss wants to see on Slashdot Games).

But still, I did not really believe it would hurt until it actually did.

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Darren Torpey February 17, 2006 at 1:09 pm

It’s totally understandable.

We (almost) always want to esteem the things we put our time into, often regardless of how much it was our idea to begin with or the relative amount of effort we put in (so long as it was a significant amount to us).

The big exception is when we form a truly negative attitude towards the product we work on. But I know you’re too smart to let that happen, Darius. All the same, I’m glad to have proof of it — and your employers should be, too!

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