Mother 3?

by Darius Kazemi on November 6, 2005

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Dude. Earthbound sequel at last?
Shigesato Itoi has referenced the resurrection of Mother 3, the latest in his cult RPG franchise, on his personal website. Originally planned for release on Nintendo 64, the project died alongside the abortive 64DD peripheral, but it’s now planned for release as a spring 2006 Game Boy Advance title in Japan. The two previous games in the series — only the second of which was released in the U.S., as Earthbound — also saw a revival as Mother 1+2 on GBA in 2003. Nintendo of America, however, has never announced any plans to bring the games over to the U.S. in portable form.

(From Gamasutra – Round-Up: Atlus Shrugs, Mother 3 Returns, C Compiled)

I am skeptical, but if this comes out, I will have to get it. Even if I have to import.

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