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by Darius Kazemi on July 11, 2005

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In case you didn’t know: Matt Sakey is a very, very good journalist. I’ve been reading his monthly “Culture Clash” columns on the IGDA website ever since they’ve existed, and he is consistently the best games journalist I read. I’m not just talking about the content of his articles–I mean the form, his journalistic integrity and writing style, the angles that he takes on the topics he chooses, and the humor (tasteful-yet-brutal: like Greg Costikyan but with more tact).

Also, I did not know until re-reading his bio today that he is the author of what I consider to be the best article about a game series ever written: Stealing Beauty, which concerns the Thief series of stealth games for the PC. If I wrote a book called The Best Game Writing Ever, that piece would definitely be included.

Completely by chance, Craig and I got to have lunch with Matt at the Game Developers Conference this year. We just randomly sat down at a table with this guy (or the other way around), and he turned out to be our favorite games writer. We had a great conversation for an hour–Matt had just missed Will Wright’s Spore demo, so we told him all about it, probably drooling on his lunch.

Anyway, Matt is a great guy and a great writer and you should read everything he has ever written. Really. At least check out this month’s column. This whole post was spurned by how damned impressed I am that he has the cajones to say what he has this month.


Zija July 11, 2005 at 3:56 pm

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Darren Torpey July 11, 2005 at 4:05 pm

Yeah, I’ve consistently enjoyed Sakey’s articles as well. Every month, I’m tempted to send him some sort of “Thanks again for helping keep the light” or a “trust me, some of us are listening!” message of support.

I love the links he offers, too, especially when they’re to an old and forgotten, but great game or an unknown, but great indie game.

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