Butchery Ban

by Darius Kazemi on June 28, 2005

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I’ve been down at my parents’ house cleaning out my old room (they’re selling the house in the not-too-distant future). I was reading an article in one of the local newspapers that profiled a gang member who had recently killed someone. The killer remarked that slitting the guy’s throat “was just like deboning a chicken.”


That’s it. Let’s get the meat industry to self-regulate with a ratings system labelling any raw meat with the bone inside as MA18+, raw boneless meat as T for teen, and precooked boneless meat as E for everyone. Furthermore, we should get congress to require that we check IDs at supermarkets for anyone who buys raw meat. I mean, experts (come on people, experts) know that deboning a chicken in meatspace has far more of an effect on a child’s mind than simply deboning it in one of our popular first-person chicken deboners (FPCDs).


I’m actually for a lot of this video game regulation. I just find the philosophical backing of the rhetoric used in congress and talk shows to be completely missing the point. We have a classic case of people who don’t know anything about psychology, ethics, or video games attempting to use psychology and ethics to regulate video games.

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